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Highly focused customer acquisition

Significantly reduce your customer acquisition cost & time. Let customers who are currently in the decision phase of their buying cycle reach out to you.

Close more deals

Grow your business by getting in front of customers searching for partners that match your offerings. By joining and completing your profile, you will instantly appear in our network of local search results.

Serve customers based anywhere, 24/7

You do not have to be constrained by the geographic reach of your sales force or the time zone of your operations. Customers located across the globe will be able to easily find you and get in touch.

Build your brand

You will have your own personalized space on LaunchMyDrug. A complete web presence with your profile and updated offerings that you can share directly with customers and in all your marketing materials.


Online Presence & Reputation Management

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We have created our dashboard such that you can enter your portfolio in a very granular manner, it helps you showcase your products and also helps buyers find precisely what they need. You control everything about your profile.

Selling Inventory

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Your excess inventory is also available for global audience to purchase.

Cost Effective Outreach

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You will directly reach your target audience without having to spend on attending expos and sales rep having to make cold calls and in-person visits

Receiving Purchase Request

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Once a buyer puts in a purchase request, our system automatically matches than with providers who offer services in that space, so that you can reply with a proposal.

Targeted Global Audience

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The audience that you will be exposed to will be bio-pharma companies who are currently in their buying cycle and the ones who are interested in products in your field of offering.

Segmentation And Direct Marketing

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You can also directly reach out to bio-pharma company buyers based on therapy areas they are interested in, the size of the company and other specific parameters.

Live Chat With Buyers

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You can live chat with all potential buyers from a single dashboard.

Business Insights And Analytics

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We also show the details of visitors to your profile, how other partners rate them, your net promoter score and other such insights.

Our partners have helped leading bio-pharma companies bolster their drug pipeline

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