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Global buyers find you on LaunchMyDrug

Biopharma buyers search for your LaunchMyDrug profile based on very specific and granular parameters related to their business requirements.

Buyers can even put in a purchase request

Apart from searching for sellers, global pharma buyers can also put in a purchase request. Based on their requirements, our system automatically matches them with the right sellers, who can then respond to the purchase request.

They evaluate and shortlist you

From the search results page or based on the response to the purchase request, they will be able to view your offerings related to their search parameters and also your complete business profile & portfolio.

You live chat with them

Once they decide to contact you, all further communication can be handled from your message center. You can live chat with all buyers who are interested in your offering.

Our partners have helped leading bio-pharma companies bolster their drug pipeline

LaunchMyDrug is an exclusive network founded by members of the biopharma community, for the biopharma community. We have just started our journey of serving biopharma community members like you. We will be constantly adding new features and improving upon the existing ones so that your needs are served better and more efficiently.