Why LaunchMyDrug?

Life sciences companies — both large and small — face challenges with finding the right partners and suppliers, from finding the ones that match their specific requirements, to vendor qualifications and accreditations, to economics that fit their financial scale. Our exclusive global marketplace addresses all of these concerns of finding the right verified suppliers.

Increased Productivity

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You no longer have to just rely on attending expos and cold-calling all suppliers in your list, quickly find the right verified partners and reduce your time to market.

Solutions for All Departments

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From ingredient suppliers to packaging firms to regulatory experts and marketing & PR firms, all categories of suppliers and partners serving the life sciences industry are covered.

Global Partner Search

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We not only focus on suppliers from major biopharma hubs but also find and onboard partners from smaller hubs, who traditionally do not have a lot of presences in major expos.

Submitting Purchase Requests

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Apart from searching for partners based on your specific needs, you can even put in a purchase request and let our system notify the right partners who can then respond.

Complete Privacy

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Your identity is never shared with anyone and when you put in a purchase request, your and your company information is not revealed until you choose to do so.

Live Chat with Sellers

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You can live chat with all sellers from a single dashboard, the chat is always initiated by you, we do not let the suppliers contact you directly.

Purchasing Inventory

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Seller’s excess inventory is available for you to purchase.

Therapy-wise Newsfeed

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With over 10,000 plus suppliers it becomes hard to keep track of all novel offerings, hence we deliver a newsfeed customized to your business needs to keep you updated.

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