Our Mission

We're on a mission to make LaunchMyDrug everything that a biopharma company needs to launch their drug — from sourcing to licensing to hiring service providers and experts.

We started LaunchMyDrug because being from the life sciences industry we recognized that biopharma companies, vendors, partners, service providers and experts needed a better way to find and work with one another.

By combining smart algorithms with strong human curation and quality control, we're providing products and services that will empower members of the biopharma community to engage and collaborate with each other.

Source, License, Hire Service Providers & Experts


Our communication is open and candid as we believe that transparency breeds trust and trust is the foundation of a great relationship.


We make the complex simple. We strive to remove the barriers to easily and effectively collaborate with your partners and vendors.


Our core values are deeply rooted in gratitude. We strive to be generous and thoughtful in every interaction with each other and our customers.


Everyone on our team shares in our impact, and we’re better together than we are on our own. Through collaboration, we multiply our contribution.







Everything we build will be developed around our customers, the problems they face and the solutions we can offer. We love hearing your feedback and are always trying to improve.

We'll never stop trying to improve what we're doing and if you have a suggestion on what we could be doing better, contact us at team@launchmydrug.com