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From research to clinical trials and sourcing to licensing, we connect you with curated global partners for every project on your list.

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Partner Categories

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Source APIs from verified global suppliers

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Source formulation from curated global suppliers

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Market research

Hire a market research firm with deep expertise in biopharma

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Connect with universities and research labs

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Find verified partners that supply excipients

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Find verified partners that supply intermediates

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License innovative drugs to boost your pipeline

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Work with CROs — from international full-service to niche specialty groups

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Work with experienced and proven regulatory consultants

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Advertising & PR

Hire an ad or PR agency with deep expertise in biopharma

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Patent & legal

Hire a great patent and legal expert for your business

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Product testing labs

Find the right product testing lab for your needs

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Find the right vendor for your packaging requirements

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Find verified equipment manufacturers

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Business Consultants

Work with a consultant to improve performance and efficiency

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Our partners have helped leading bio-pharma companies bolster their drug pipeline

"Everyone involved with the biopharma industry needs to know about LaunchMyDrug. It helps us find vendors in a very streamlined manner and very quickly, so that we are able to focus our resources on growing our business instead of spending day and months on finding the right vendors.”

Senior Vice President
Sun Pharma

Why LaunchMyDrug?

From drug discovery to development to launch
Search for global partners who can help you in each stage of launching your drug. Currently, we are focussed on helping you find the right API, Formulation, Intermediates, Excipients and Academia partners.

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We quickly help you find the relevant partners as per
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Your details are not shared with any partner untill you
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It does not cost anything to find the right partner who can help launch your drug.


LaunchMyDrug is a community of and for people who
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Our Mission
Our mission is to help you launch your drug by connecting you to the most appropriate partner for every step in the drug launch lifecycle. We are from the biopharma community and we understand that working with the correct partner is critical for business. We want to empower you to make the right investment decision, by making the process of choosing a partner absolutely transparent and simple. LaunchMyDrug team is at your service - always!

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